The Rugby World Cup was one of the items on my bucket listRWC2015 1 WM. I bought the tickets at the end of 2014. I took a chance and bought tickets for quarter final 3. This would be the winner of pool D (Ireland’s pool) versus the runner up of pool C. I held my breath and hoped Ireland would win pool D so that I could see my country play. Thankfully they did!

I took my dad along for his birthday, a day not to be forgotten. The atmosphere was electric from the get go. Everybody who was travelling was kitted out in green. It was the most lively airport I’ve ever seen at 5.30am on a Sunday morning. As the flight was very early we had time when we reached Cardiff to see Cardiff Castle and meet the Argentinian fans. the chanting and cheering had begun!

RWC2015 WM  RWC2015 2 WM

The fan zone filled quickly that morning while we waited for the stadium gates to open. There was live music, face painting and fans dressed up in crazy costumes. The area was swarmed with Irish and a sea of green was prevalent. We marched to the stadium shoulder to shoulder with other fans.

The stadiumRWC2015 3 WM itself was amazing. We were in the upper tier with a great view of the pitch. The singing echoed off the closed ceiling as anticipation built up while we waited for our teams to enter the stadium. National anthems were sung and the match started. It was not a good start for Ireland but I held onto hope and cheered as loud as I could for my team. “The Fields of Athenry” and rounds of “Olé Olé Olé” were belted out. The Irish team fought hard and at one stage there was a mere 3 points difference. Unfortunately we did not win this time. I still had a great experience at the Rugby World Cup and having bought my tickets so far in advance seeing my team play was a bonus! The atmosphere will be unforgettable, this is definitely an event everyone needs to travel to at least once in their lives!


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