Lebua Lift Bangkok

Oh what a wonderful place. Bangkok was an amazing experience. We arrived tired and jetlagged to a 5* hotel. Rather than visiting the “Sky Bar” also known as the “Hangover Bar” we decided to stay in that hotel. This was going t
o be a holiday after all why not start off with a bang. Needless to say we felt a little scruffy in our travel attire while business people scurried around, however, the staff were absolutely amazing and super professional towards us. We received complimentary hot towels, water and a lemongrass cold drink while checking in which really felt amazing after the journey!

We took a little break but feeling revived after the lemongrass drinks we decided to start exploring. We wanted to get dresses made while over there and perhaps were more tired than we originally thought as we asked the hotel about it. They brought us to a fabulous shop, however it was not within the budget we had in mind. I guess you’ll have that when you’re staying in a place like that, fancy and expensive locations to match. We ended up in a high end shopping mall which was amazing to look around and we marvelled at all the designer shops but we really just hadn’t planned on spending that kind of money and weren’t really in the mood for it. We headed back to the hotel. Note this took us forever! We didn’t know exactly where we were as we had been dropped off by the hotel. We eventually got help from a friendly McDonald’s employee and eventually got back to our hotel!

Once back we put on our luxury robes and slippers and headed to the pool, which is on the 17th floor of the hotel. It was fabulous! Nice seating, heated towels, gentle ambient lighting, it was pure perfection.

After our down time and some freshening up we headed to the “Sky Bar”, where The Hangover was filmed. A “hangovertini” each was called for as we sat back and enjoyed the breath taking view over the city. It was also a treat that night to hop into a lift down to the room where we truly rolled into bed and were asleep before our heads even hit the pillow!

Reclining Buddha Bnagkok chiang mai temple 2 Bangkok Temple Buddha

The following day we were up early and got a shuttle boat to the temples and Grand Palace. The boat trip was lovely as we got our first real look at Bangkok as most people would see it. The gold decoration and ornamentation was shining and glistening in the sun while we also saw some seriously dilapidated and crumbing homes. Two extremes side by side and a peoples faith strongly practiced keeping everyone going, for all to see.

On this day we saw the Reclining Buddha, The Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha and a textiles history exhibition.  The temples displayed the most detail I have ever seen in a building of any sort. Every inch was adorned and designed spectacularly. We took our time exploring the temples and doing our best to be most respectful at all times. Don’t forget to be covered up and wear shoes that can be easily slipped on and off for the day.

Peek a Boo  Reclining Buddha Bnagkok Bangkok Temple

We looked around at the various stalls along the road before getting a tuk tuk to China Town and the textiles markets. This area was not my favourite place, but I would also say it’s worth seeing especially if you are into textiles, looking to get a suit or dress made or if you like gismos, gadgets and stationary. The stalls are wedged tight together, the alley ways crowded and small and you will often pass by smells that are unfamiliar and indescribable.

Finally, we went back to the hotel for a break and to freshen up before heading to the night markets. This was brilliant and I would definitely recommend a trip to these markets if you are visiting Bangkok.  We got a free boat to the markets where we sat and had a meal before exploring the stalls. Needless to say more than just a few purchases were made including the likes of kimonas, incense and tiger balm. In the excitement of our shopping spree we actually missed the last boat back so we got a tuk tuk instead. Oh man was it crazy! Now we had been in a few at this stage about the place however, we hadn’t had a driver this young before. He was crazy! He was absolutely bombing it along the roads like a mad man. It was terrifying and he thought it was hilarious showing off to his friends as he beeped at them as he floored it all the way to the hotel!

I should also mention it’s important to hang onto your bag at all times. Be safe, don’t wear any expensive looking jewellery or watches. Often what we have picked up cheap here to bring or wear while on holidays still looks expensive and may be targeted. We were also told this at our hotel when we arrived however not everywhere will remind you of this!

The next day we flew to Ko Samui! Why not take a look at the Ko Samui blog post next?


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