We got a boat over to Koh Phangan from Koh Samui. A mini open jeep type car brought us from the pier to our hotel. The island is extremely hilly so make sure you hold on tight! I really don’t knKoh Phanganow how we made it up some of the hills to be honest. Our hotel was fabulous. It was right up on a hilltop hidden among the trees with an amazing view of the beach below. We couldn’t travel at a time of year when there was a full moon party but decided to head to the island anyways to see it for ourselves and have a bit of fun.

We chilled out at the pool for a few hours before getting dressed and ready to explore and experience the beach parties. The pool had a build in bar where you could sit on stools that were built into the water as you sipped your drinks. There was also a beautifully designed outdoor shower surrounded by vines and flowers, just like something from a movie.

We headed down to the beach which was actually much quieter than we had expected. We choose one of the outdoor restaurants so we could sit on the beach while having our dinner. As we were having our food a thunder storm rolled in! There was a mad dash by everyone into the sheltered inside part of the restaurant. It was hilarious. Everyone was windswept and wet but in great humour. The purple lightening flashed and light up the entire sky. Once the rain stopped the staff dried the seats and we headed back outside.

We strolled along the beach watching the various fire activities that were taking place. Everyone was jumping flaming ropes, through hoops and swinging flaming fire balls around. That night I got a motorbike taxi back to the hotel another terrifying transport situation!


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