Koh Samui 2

We got a boat back to Koh Samui after our stay on Koh Phanang. This time we headed to the opposite side of the island which is known for its windsurfing. Once we arrived at the hotel a nap was in order after our previous night partying.

There was a little bit of chilling on the beach where I watched the kitkoh samui kite surfinge surfers pull off some pretty cool tricks. If you are into kite surfing or wind surfing this would be a good location for you, otherwise it’s pretty quiet and there are other beaches nearer busier locations where there is more to see. We did venture to try and find a waterfall while we were here but it was an hours walk from the hotel, we were clearly the only tourists in the area and at times didn’t feel super safe especially on the walk home as it was starting to get dark. Did I forget to mention after the hour walk to the waterfall we then hiked for 40 minutes up and across extremely steep and rough terrain in sweltering heat only to see part of the waterfall then gave up and headed back. Thank god we did in the end as it would not have been safe walking back in the dark. We crawled into bed for an early night as we were feeling the effects from the night before and our trekking that day.


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