Cyr Wheel Wonders

This weekend I had the chance to try something new that’s been on my bucket list for quite some time. I went to a Roue Cyr workshop. I first saw a cyr wheel in action when my mum posted a video to my timeline on Facebook joking saying “This is something you would try”, well little did she know! It took me a long time to go for it but finally I did with the newly established Sligo Cyr Club.



It’s all about taking that first step and putting yourself out there.  I signed up and hoped for the best. The people there were absolutely lovely, super friendly, helpful and encouraging.

The workshop was great! As with most things it is of course harder than it looks, but I love a challenge. Learning how to manipulate the wheel and where to position your body is hard. In my head I wanted to keep my feet on the wheel, but my body refused and I kept stepping off. The body’s natural response to ‘save’ you was rather frustrating at times. When I did manage to keep my feet in place and somehow get my body to move in the correct direction it was amazing! As Ronan our coach said it’s all about the little wins.


This weekend however ended up being a whole lot more than just the workshop I expected. Ronan was a phenomenal instructor and has a way of teaching that is second to none. I not only tried something new but left the weekend full of a new sense of motivation and passion. Its unbelievable how one person can motivate you to extents you never knew existed. I hadn’t even realised I was in a rut or that something was lacking in my life. Sometimes all it takes is somebody’s passion and enthusiasm for something to wake you up. Ronan’s passion and dedication was clear and naturally came through in the way he thought, it was impossible to become anything but enthusiastic and determined from that. I left the weekend pumped and inspired and I’m ready for more.

Thank You Ronan!


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