San Francisco

Time to start another adventure with San Francisco! A few friends and I decided to go on an adventure taking in parts of North and South America. First stop: San Francisco.

So many iconic things to see and do here it is well worth a visit! So let’s look at a few of the highlights for me.

Firstly I got to see the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. We rented bikes for a day and cycled over the bridge to beautiful place called Sausalito. It is then possible to take a ferry back to San Francisco but being Irish and bonkers we decided to also cycle back. Why cycle the Golden Gate Bridge once when you can do it twice sure! Note: This was super tough and I would highly recommend the more normal and done thing of getting the ferry back.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Time spent chilling at Fisherman’s Wharf was very enjoyable and has spectacular views from all angles. You can see many of San Francisco’s popular sights from here. Why not chill out at pier 39 and watch the sea lions, do some shopping or enjoy happy hour?

sanfran pic

A trip to Alcatraz is also a must. We went during the day however night tours are also available. I’m definitely too much of a scardy cat to try that though. I really enjoyed wandering around the abandoned prison. It gave me chills seeing the place where some of the world’s most notorious criminals were held. The headset audio guide was amazing; it gave great detail and was captivating.


I also went to my first ever baseball game! I loved the Giant’s stadium. I even got a little certificate welcoming me to my first baseball game. The atmosphere was brilliant! Having very limited knowledge of the sport we cheered and booed along with everyone who was sitting beside us and enjoyed the kiss cam and other random entertainment that popped up on the big screen.

It’s worth going for a wander and exploring this city. There are many different areas each with their own little quirks and details that make them stand apart from the rest. Happy exploring!


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