Oh what a place! Now bear in mind we arrived back to Miami after weeks of being in areas where plumbing was not yet a common thing. We stayed in Miami International Travellers Hostel and I thought I was in heaven, warm showers and toilets who would have thought they would make me so happy. My eyes have been opened to the world a little bit more once again as I appreciate everything I have and realise I need to stop taking things for granted.

miami beach

So our hostel was right on Miami Beach. We were bang in the middle of party central. There are endless places to eat, drink, dance and be merry around here and there is definitely something for everyone. We spent some time chilling on the beach, shopping and of course venturing out at night to the infamous Miami clubs.

I also got to meet the fabulous Mr. Yoji Harada at Miami Ink. Unfortunately a tattoo was not on the cards this time but it was cool to say hi and have a chat!

miami yoji

This place needs to be experienced. Reading about it just isn’t the same. Crazy clubs, crazy dance moves and getting kicked off the beach at some early hour in the am by a police car with spotlights on the roof, enough said, go do it.


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