Disney World on Christmas Day!

Well this is one of those things you dream of when you’re little and let me tell you at 25 it still lived up to every dream and expectation and more! Walt Disney World on Christmas day was something else.

disney christmas day

We were up at the crack of dawn and ready for the day ahead. Myself and my sister had bought Christmas t-shirts for everyone before travelling and had them gift wrapped and everything ready to go for while we were on the holiday. Of course then we all wore our Christmas t-shirts for the day that was in it! We reached the park nice and early just as the gates were opening, perfect.

We had an idea goimeeting mickey mouseng that it was going to be busy, but oh my was it packed. The advantage of us all being grown up was that at some stages during the day we split up so that we could get to go on certain rides. One thing we did do as a family however was to meet some characters. We queued to meet Mickey Mouse for the family photos. A selfie was also in order for my “little” brother for snapchat as you do! (My younger or “little” brother is at least a foot taller than me and also towered over Mickey Mouse!)

Other days we had left extra changes of clothes in the car in case we got wet on water rides. Once we started getting chilly today however and started heading to the exit we were informed the park was at capacity and if we left we wouldn’t be allowed back in. Well that certainly wasn’t an option, so off we went to the Disney shop to buy some warm layers. This was rather difficult however as everyone else was doing the exact same thing in the unusually cool weather for Florida. After what felt like a lifetime trying to find something anything, even pyjamas were an option; I spotted a worker coming out from a staff door with three pairs of bottoms in her hands. I swooped and got a pair! Yey, my legs would be warm! I also got a fleece blanket to wrap around me as it was a little larger than the towels everyone else was resorting to at that point. Once we all had found something to wrap up in we went off on a few more rides!

Some were an absolute must such as it’s a small world and the carousel. Others we really would have been pushing it at our age and gangly sizes to go on. Dumbo the flying elephants had to be passed upon this time unfortunately.

Now bearing in mind a traditional Irish Christmas this whole experience was almost bizarre. It truly was dream like. So all the lads wanted to know was what were we going to do for the Christmas dinner! Well it wouldn’t be Christmas day without some turkey and turkey we got. We happened upon some vendors selling turkey legs! Perfect!

The night time parade was a must. We got a good spot quite early as we had somehow managed to go on all the rides and see everything everyone wanted to see at that stage. It’s amazing how at 25 the magic of Disney can still make you feel like 5! We all huddled up under the fleece blanket and enjoyed a truly spectacular light parade featuring all the different characters, princes and princesses that we grew up watching over the years. What a perfect ending to a magical day!



One thought on “Disney World on Christmas Day!

  1. Fantastic summery of a great day-a long day- but yes a one in a lifetime experience. So glad we did this as adults after the great experience of doing it with young children. It was great to do it with ‘grown up children’; a new but still magical experience!!!


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