The Floating Islands

We used Puno as our base to go and see the floating islands! Another bright and early start, this time for Lake Titicaca.

Our first stop was the Uros Islands. These are floating islands made from reeds. This was my favourite part of the day trip. We learned how the islands were created with layers of reeds and had a munch on the roots as the islanders do to keep their teeth so white! The hand crafts here were amazing. Perfect, beautiful, vibrant coloured hand stitches on a variety of hand sewn products.

The second stop was Tequila Island. This island had fabulous views. the men on this island do all the knitting! We learned that you could tell the status of everyone on the island based on their hats. Red and white meant single, red and blue for married and multi-coloured for authority figures. The hat was worn to the back when engaged, to the right when looking for someone to marry and to the left when single and not looking for something. The women wore colourful skirts and small pompoms when single.

The textiles and clothing meanings were fascinating to me as I am always attracted to the different textiles in every country I visit!

Note: the boat ride was very long each way and I would highly recommend travel sickness tablets!


2 thoughts on “The Floating Islands

    1. I’d say it depends on how much time you have. I’m a textiles teacher so I was fascinated by it, but my friends weren’t overly excited. We went to Puno specifically to do this trip. To decide what you need to know is that the boat trip is about 3hours each way, its a chilled day out more so than anything else, I was glad of it becuase we did so much hiking and activities when we were on our trip. Hope that helps! 🙂

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