This was by far the highlight of the trip for me. We booked our tour with Arabian Nights. It was brilliant! They came and picked us up from where we were staying and off we went to the Red Dunnes Desert. There were six of us in the 4×4 myself my friend and a family of four. First on the agenda was some dunne bashing. This is definitely not for the faint hearted. We flew along the dunnes at crazy angles. I quickly realised why the roll cage that I had first noticed when we got in was there. It felt like we could roll at any moment and I loved it! Our driver was obviously very skilled and enjoyed terrifying his passengers. After the dunne bashing we stopped at the top of one of the sanddunnes just in time to take some stunning sunset pictures.

Next we headed towards an Arabic style camp site. We left our coats on seats beside the stage so we would have a good view of the show later on. Once we had nabbed the seats we went to do some more exploring. First we went for a camel ride and then attempted some sand boarding. We didn’t quite get the hang of it so we went back into the camp where we got henna designs, dressed up in Arabic dress and had some shisha.

The barbeque buffet was great for our ‘starter’ we had freshly baked Arabic flat bread that was cooked in a stone oven, falafel and chicken shish kebabs. Then the show started. We saw a tanoura dancer spinning around. It was dizzying to watch, I have no idea how he did it. The main meal consisted of a range of Arabic food including hummus, tabbouleh salad, flat bread, shish taouk, lamb kofta, rice and of course some other more western inspired choices, so there was plenty of choice for everyone. There was also a belly dancer performance to round out the night!

This trip really was brilliant, we had an absolute ball and I would highly recommend a dessert safari if you have time while visiting.

Tip: pack a jumper and socks for later on at night so you don’t freeze! 




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