Dublin Kite Festival

Dublin Kite Festival

As I drove closer I could see the huge lizard and animal shaped kites floating high above Bull Island. I started getting giddy as the excitement bubbled up inside me. There is something about kites, I felt like I was five or six again. After finally parking the car I wandered towards the kites. They grew and grew in size as I approached, it was mesmerising. These huge colourful kites hovering and gently flicking in the breeze on a smashing summers day, it was perfect.

There was kite making, food, ice cream, toddler music fitness, drumming, CPR demonstrations, hammocks, expert kite flyers, everything you could need or want and imagine. The weather was on board too as there was a nice breeze for the kites that kept everyone cool in the sun that was splitting the stones!

It was a fabulous day all round an I would highly recommend it to all! 🙂


The Sugarloaf Mountain

The Sugarloaf Mountain

I’ve heard many talk about going up The Great Sugarloaf Mountain but it’s something I hadn’t ever gotten around to. Well with the New Year here and a fabulously sunny day I decided to bite the bullet and do it!

I parked in the car park at the base of the trail and off I went. The views are stunning. I could see stretches of Dublin, Wicklow and The Irish Sea. It was Irish horizons all around and it was the most picturesque site ever.

The walk itself was lovely. There were people of all ages climbing up and down, one man even had a little baby who was definitely under 12 months  strapped onto him while doing the walk. There is a steep part towards the very top which is a bit of a scramble and I must admit made me slightly nervous but it was definitely doable and worth it. Mind you next time I would wear my hiking boots rather than the runners! There are also three different pathways to the top to choose from so you can choose the one that best suits you and the people who are walking with you.

This trail is a must do for both locals and visitors to Ireland.

Get out there and explore 🙂


Union Rock Trail

Union Rock Trail

With the days getting longer and weather milder why not start exploring! Another micro adventure for me today; this time I was exploring Union Wood in Sligo.  There are many trails marked out that you can choose from. I went up to Union Rock and it is one of the best views of Sligo in my opinion.

From the top of Union Rock you can see the beautiful Ox Mountains, Knocknarea and The Dartry Mountains including the iconic Benbulben and Truskmore. A fabulous walk with beautiful scenery and nature all around Union Wood is well worth a visit.



Here are some pictures of some of the information signs along the way:

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Rathcormac Food & Craft Market

Looking for something to do on a Saturday? Whether you are local or passing through along the Wild Atlantic Way this market is a must. Nestled under Benbulben the Rathcormac Food & Craft Market is a bustling hive of activity. There is something here for everyone young and old, local or visitor. Here are some of the many stalls that you could visit.

Murson Farm

Here you will find the most delicious homemade  goodies you have ever tasted! There is a huge variety of goodies here; homemade marmalades and chutneys, soda bread of every variety – cinnamon, mixed seed, rosemary and black pepper, mixed herb, poppy seed, garlic, brown, white, basil pesto and more! There are also some sweet treats to be found. My favourites are the smokey bacon soda bread, the lemon cake and it is not possible to go past here without having some potato bread! Be sure to get one heated with butter to nibble on as you stroll around having a look and enjoy the atmosphere.

Gills Happy Hats

A fitting name as the hats themselves are so fabulous it’s impossible not to smile, not to mention the friendly company and chats while picking out your favourite. There is definitely something for everyone here with a range of styles, colours and cool creations.


Stop and say hello for some guilt free treats! Paleo, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free treats that are so delicious if you are like me you will do a second loop of the stalls and go back for more. Delicious chocolate bars, coconut macaroons, ginger cookies, energy bars and more await you. My favourites were the chocolate bars and ginger cookies, mum was loving the coconut macaroons.


These are just a few favourites from the day for me but there are also many more fabulous stands and shops to see. Colm Brennan – Wood Turner, hand felted pieces from Jonecari, amazing clocks by Clooneen Woodcraft, silk painted wonders by rrsilk designs, Looney Creations’ fabulous designs, Tanis Gordon Smith’s fabulous art work, pure raw honey, jewellery, baked goodies, fresh vegetables, plants, antiques, pottery, glass work and much more.

Here are a few pictures of some of the fabulous things you will see, enjoy! Make sure to visit to see these and many more for yourself.

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Cyr Wheel Wonders

This weekend I had the chance to try something new that’s been on my bucket list for quite some time. I went to a Roue Cyr workshop. I first saw a cyr wheel in action when my mum posted a video to my timeline on Facebook joking saying “This is something you would try”, well little did she know! It took me a long time to go for it but finally I did with the newly established Sligo Cyr Club.



It’s all about taking that first step and putting yourself out there.  I signed up and hoped for the best. The people there were absolutely lovely, super friendly, helpful and encouraging.

The workshop was great! As with most things it is of course harder than it looks, but I love a challenge. Learning how to manipulate the wheel and where to position your body is hard. In my head I wanted to keep my feet on the wheel, but my body refused and I kept stepping off. The body’s natural response to ‘save’ you was rather frustrating at times. When I did manage to keep my feet in place and somehow get my body to move in the correct direction it was amazing! As Ronan our coach said it’s all about the little wins.


This weekend however ended up being a whole lot more than just the workshop I expected. Ronan was a phenomenal instructor and has a way of teaching that is second to none. I not only tried something new but left the weekend full of a new sense of motivation and passion. Its unbelievable how one person can motivate you to extents you never knew existed. I hadn’t even realised I was in a rut or that something was lacking in my life. Sometimes all it takes is somebody’s passion and enthusiasm for something to wake you up. Ronan’s passion and dedication was clear and naturally came through in the way he thought, it was impossible to become anything but enthusiastic and determined from that. I left the weekend pumped and inspired and I’m ready for more.

Thank You Ronan! http://becomeyouranomaly.com/

Strandhill People’s Market

Strandhill People’s Market

I ventured out to Strandhill People’s Market on Sunday morning to have a look around and see what was on offer this week in Hanger 1. It was absolutely fabulous! I would definitely recommend a visit to everyone and anyone. They have everything imaginable! All sorts of food from sweet to savoury to Christmas themed treats, herbs and spices and all things nice. There is something to tickle everyone’s taste buds! I went for hot potato bread with butter from the lovely Coeurine of Murson Farm, to warm up on the chilly day. It tasted like more, it was delicious.

As I wandered around looking at the various stands I found friendly faces and smiles greeting people of all ages at every turn. The sense of community, pride and a welcome feeling was abundant. The craft work was phenomenal in all areas. No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find it here and more. All crafts were present artwork, wood work, patchwork creations, candles, calendars, homemade baked goods, jams, chutneys, jewellery but to name a few. I even came across Game of Thrones dragon eggs and acceptance letters to Hogwarts for the Harry Potter fans both young and old.

I decided another treat was in order as I wandered around. I went for a sweet treat from the Black Sheep Bakery. The cookies were to die for, melt in the mouth bliss. I bought a whole bag but had devoured them within a few minutes!

I was absolutely amazed at the range and quality of all artisan products at the Strandhill People’s Market and truly believe there is something for everyone here. Check out their page and dates for the Christmas Markets  here.


Coeurine of Murson Farm
Strandhill People’s Market
Strandhill People’s Market