Pilates like never before

As some of you may know I’m a retired gymnast, current aerialist with a passion for travel and trying new things. I’m into fitness and health and I’m always looking for something new that excites me. Once I finished up with gymnastics my next great find was aerial (which I’m still totally hooked on). But I did also want to try something new and see if there was anything else out there that would challenge me in new ways.

(Serious concentration face on in the pics! Haha)

Well I have definitely found something! I’ve just tried my hand at Pilates. Now I know what your thinking Pilates that class that runs in the gym studio. NOPE!

Welcome to life balance! A Pilates studio situated in Blackrock, Dublin like nothing I’ve ever seen before! The studio is amazing and I finally found something that could challenge me. The reformers allow for my range of movement and strength combined each one working with the other in a way that I only remember from the bygone days of gymnastics training.

If your up for a challenge or looking for something that encompasses strength, control and mobility you should definitely give reformers Pilates a try!


Fun travel related gifts

I got some really cool travel related gifts this year and am so excited by them that I want to show them off! These are my top 3:

1 Colour your own passport

I’ve never seen this one before and just think it’s a great idea. A portable world map that isn’t an app (yey old-school) and it protects the passport and the ever important stamps that are in it along the way! I won’t go anywhere without a passport cover any more as once a bottle of water spilled in my backpack and the cover saved my passport and all of my stamps I’ve collected from around the world.

                               img_1260       img_1266

2 Exotic holiday fund savings box

This just lit up my face when I opened it. So cute and thoughtful and gives that extra bit of motivation to keep saving for the next adventure even when funds are low.

3 The scratch map

One that is popular and widespread but it is ever so satisfying scratching off that gold covering country by country. My sister got me an awesome one that also has a travel journal and miniature maps that are the perfect size (about A5) to bring with you on your travels.


I’ve mine framed up and ready for hanging above my bed…always dreaming of that next adventure

These are just a few of the fabulous gifts I’ve received over the last while. Maybe you’ll treat yourself to something similar or it might spark an idea for a gift for the travel addict in your life. 🙂


The evenings are dark and Halloween is near why not get some pumpkins and spend the evening carving designs? All stores have a great selection with prices starting at just 69c! It’s a great way for anyone of any age to spend an evening. I spent an evening carving a few with my boyfriend in front of a blazing fire while the rain battered the windows. The other one I did while chatting and having a catchup with my brother. You can also buy pumpkin carving kits in the supermarkets that are super useful for small details. Some even come with stencils to help you with your carving. There’s still time for you to get creative before Halloween night. Happy Halloween!